At Moving Planners LLC, we understand that you can’t always take everything with you when you move, if you need to downsize, or if you just have too many things. We can help, with the aid of estate purchases and sales you can declutter your home and turn those unwanted items into ready cash for your immediate enjoyment. With estate purchases we can arrange to dispose of and/or buy what you can’t take with you. This will make your move easier and provide unexpected income. We can also provide an on premises tag sale when the entire contents or any significant portion thereof become available for sale. We will advertise in local newspapers, put signs up in strategic locations and tag each item to be sold to make the sale as successful as possible.


Do you need assistance in the organization of Estate Purchases of your unwanted valuables in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Buck County as well as in New Jersey and Delaware? ? Contact Jefrey or Diana at Moving Planners LLC! You can rest assured you’re working with a reputable and caring company. We service those in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties as well as areas in New Jersey and Delaware.

Jefrey and Diana will also help you dispose of items you cannot take with you. Their experience and management skills will assure that your valuables are carefully and meticulously packed and unpacked with attention and expertise.

We also offer one-stop shop for all your moving needs:

  • Packing – We can help you in the packing and sorting process of china, glass, silver, paintings, furniture, and all your treasured items.
  • Unpacking – We will assist you in the unpacking process, everything from placing your furniture to putting your tooth brush in it’s holder.
  • Clean-outs – We can remove trash from your home, basement, garage, or yard and leave premises broom swept.
  • Design your new home – We can help in the layout, design, and placement of your items in your new home.
  • Local and Long Distance Moving – We will move where you need to go, locally or nationwide.
  • Staging—We can declutter and organize your home for optimum presentation to make your house more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Fully insured – We are fully insured to give you that extra peace of mind.

Moving does not have to be a stressful experience. We offer competitive pricing with exceptional planning, good management and our professional and personal care; we can guarantee a smooth and successful move. Our services are aimed at individuals or families who are moving or downsizing, senior citizens and retirees who could simply use the assistance, or career families and professionals who just don’t have the time to pack. Our current client base extends from Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties to Delaware and New Jersey. We realize that your needs are specific and we can help you choose from a list of services we provide to aid you in selecting what will work best for you.