Tag Sales, otherwise known as garage sales or yard sales, are held by private individuals wishing to claim a profit from selling some off their unwanted items. The motivations for hosting a tag sale mostly center on ridding a home of excess belongings. This need is frequently caused by moving, spring cleaning, or home renovations. These tag sales are an effective means of removing surplus clutter from the home and it returns a reasonable profit for the homeowner.

Are you and your loved ones considering having a tag sale? Contact Jefrey or Diana at Moving Planners LLC! You can rest assured you’re working with a reputable and caring company. We service those in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties as well as areas in New Jersey and Delaware.

Hosting a successful tag sale is highly contingent upon the planning and expertise of the organizers. The professionals at Moving Planners will organize your items for sale, price the items, and tag all the items to be sold. Moving Planners has experience in hosting tag sales. With all the proper set-up work being done by Moving Planners, our company will also strategically place signs, print advertisements, and posters that will alert possible consumers about your tag sale. The handling and running of your tag sales is also facilitated by Moving Planners. All you and your loved ones must do is simply await the financial windfall of your tag sale.

Some common mistakes in hosting tag sales include:

  • Poor timing and/or date of the tag sale
  • Lack of advertising and promotion
  • Cluttered or inefficient organization of items for sale
  • Lackluster pricing guides
  • Withholding too many items from the sale
  • Poor customer service and/or aid in packing and hauling of sale items

At Moving Planners, we specialize in ensuring that your tag sale is a success. Strategy and planning are the best offense in preparing for your tag sale. With little effort on your end and much on ours, Moving Planners can assure you and your loved ones reasonable profit and tons of extra space in your home today!