The most time-consuming and tedious task in any move is the packing and unpacking of all your belongings. The moving professionals at Moving Planners can help you with all your packing and unpacking service needs. Jefrey and Diana Bacal have been helping people to securely pack and safely unpack their valuables since 2001 with many satisfied and grateful customers in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware areas.

Their experience and scrutiny in the packing and unpacking of other people’s merchandise has earned them a reputation for vigilant care and fastidious precision. Their work is not done when your merchandise is unloaded, they will help you organize your belongings in your new home. They will also clean up your old home after your valuables have been safely stored in the moving truck.

Do you need the assistance of Packing and Unpacking Services? Contact Jefrey or Diana at Moving Planners LLC! You can rest assured you’re working with a reputable and caring company. We service those in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties as well as areas in New Jersey and Delaware.

Jefrey and Diana will also help you dispose of items you cannot take with you. Their experience and management skills will assure that your valuables are carefully and meticulously packed and unpacked with attention and expertise.

We will painstakingly sort and pack all your valuables including:

  • Securing fragile merchandise such as: china, glassware, vases, and any breakable art or decorative pieces.
  • Safely storing valuables like: silver, collections, sculptures, and any cultural or decorative pieces
  • Protect and pad heirlooms such as: paintings, pictures, or mirrors.
  • Pad and wrap larger pieces that can become damaged or scratched like: furniture and appliances.

We also take great care when it comes time to unpack your valuables including:

  • Planning the layout and design of your new home.
  • Unpacking all your merchandise.
  • Organizing all your possessions to your specifications.

We can also help with an estate sale to dispose of the merchandise you can’t take with you. In addition, we can provide an on premise tag sale when the selected content becomes available for sale. We advertise in local newspapers, put up signs in strategic locations and tag each item to be sold. We will remove trash and leave the premises broom swept. Moving Planners is a fully insured moving company that provides local and long distance moving. We service those in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties as well as areas in New Jersey and Delaware.