What do I do with my last minute items used the night before my move?

We at Moving Planners LLC, will arrive in the morning when the movers arrive. While the movers are moving your things we will be packing linens from bed, lamps, kitchen items such as coffee makers ,dishes, etc, bathroom items such as bath mat, shower curtain, towels and any other personal items you may have used the night before or the morning of the move. Your refrigerator will be packed in a cooler just before the movers are ready to leave your home.

Can my dresser be moved with the things left in the drawers?

Yes, most things can be left in drawers. We recommend jewelry, breakables or anything loose that can fall out during move be packed. Your valuables you may want to put in a safe place. We recommend that you have an overnight bag ready the night before your move so that in the morning of your move you can put such things as medications, important papers, jewelry, check book in your bag and have it readily available .( refer to Do Not pack tip list). Most often you will arrive at your new home before we do and can put these items in a safe place for your convenience.

What about my antique grandfather clock?

Antique grandfather clocks can be tricky. We at Moving Planners LLC, have moved newer clocks with no difficulty. If there is great concern, we suggest you hire a professional clock repair and mover (we can recommend) move your clock. Many times older clocks need maintenance and this is a good time to have your clock oiled and cleaned.

Will Moving Planners reconnect my computer and stereo?

Moving Planners LLC, are responsible for reconnecting that which we have disassembled. We are capable of reconnecting your equipment, but keep in mind we are packers not electronic experts. Should you have difficulty operating your equipment after your move you will need to contact a specialist.

Is tipping an accepted gesture?

We at Moving Planners LLC, greatly appreciate your generosity, although it is not expected. If you are pleased with our staff and wish to extend a gratuity it is always at your discretion.